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Revolt or Adapt

Anupam, a poet at heart, a passionate learner,& a language trainer is devoted to each and every art. Loves to explore various poetry forms.


The Conflict

Many of us are in conflict

Whether to revolt or adapt

Whether to shout or be quiet

Whether to fight or accept

Whether to attack or get shot.

What should a child do

Who gets the shelter, food,

and the other basic needs

Devoid of love and respect,

Shall he run away from there

In the identity's quest,

Or stay there as a deadbeat?

A man who resides in a palace

With each of his requirements

Fulfilling all his material demands,

Except for his inner contentment,

Shall he wait to have his last breath

Or move out to have heart's fulfilment?

Can a lady dare to leave her mate,

Who considers her as a consignment?

Can she shut all her doors to the past

Hoping for a refreshing present moment?

What if she moves in the path of refreshment

And is left with nothing but remorseful resentment?

We are asked to go for our passion

And do our job with dedication and devotion,

But can it be done with the boss' aggression?

The employer who is only interested in business

Ignoring every kind of values or humanness,

Can one dare to go against such commanders?

There's an old saying in every culture

Go as per the rules of those rulers,

You're breathing on whose favours.

It's not wise to antagonise the duchess

When you've a lot to lose but nothing to possess.

It's easy to be said than done

Asking to revolt against the rotten,

Rather than adapting to the mistaken;

But revolting is not for everyone,

Not for the frail, nor for the feeble,

It's only for the mighty and tyrannical.


© 2020 Anupam Mitu

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