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Revising the Popular Opinion for Better or Worse

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Dreaming of a life where normal was overrated

No white picket fences to be seen for miles and miles

No suburban nausea inducing cliché for this narrator

What's the point anyways to even strive for it?

Considered not even in the same hemisphere as everyone else

Didn't fit the bill of every suburbanite pretending to be nice

Until they get behind closed doors and let their freak flags fly

Nothing quite Fifty Shades of Serial Killer material

But the opportunity where people can wear sweatpants

And love the idea of watching television with their partners

Tired of pretending to accept the status quo like it was their job

Swallowing every bitter pill the news or cable television dishes out

Faking the notion that everything was happy go lucky in the world

When it was nothing but turmoil and one violent incident after another

Politicians and newsmakers seemed to now thrive on anarchy

Instead of rallying the country to get along with their differences

Of course, no one has to sing campfire songs in the woods

Too much of a Disney movie; not enough real life

Embracing some of the current climate of a rebellious nature

Smiling and laughing at the most cringe worthy moments

Becoming a little bit more like Winston Smith and a little less Stepford

Loving the smell of napalm in the early morning hours

Almost like Robert Duvall in Apocalypse Now

Once saddened in a cloud of silly putty filled disappointment

Now, completely enraged from accepting the populous propaganda

Preferred to go against the shaving grain and go in the opposite direction

Fed up with wearing the same generic uniform everyone else wears

Decided to wear either bright neon type colors or dress like a cat burglar

Depending on the weather or which version of a psychopath I wake up as

Burned every dress I ever owned once upon a time

Abandoned every stretched out pair of panty hose in the dresser drawer

Feminine traditions abandoned more for comfort than style

Fed up with faking every emotional moment to please the masses

Time for some brutally blunt honesty

Let's just hope that the neighbors can take it

If not, they might be leaving in droves

Property values will never be the same.

Trying to stand out in a sea of generic.

Trying to stand out in a sea of generic.

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