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When Someone Feels You Did Them Wrong

The morning begins like any other morning

Little did you know controversy would soon strike

You would be in the middle

In a battlefield of words

None of them any good

The more contact the deeper the enemy lies

It is not what what was said but what was the meaning

As work continued

The bottled up anger began to turn to out right rage

I was called a side to explain myself

Hours ago it was a good day

No problems

A coworker had recently lost a family member

So I remained helpful and I bent over backwards to make things easier

During such a difficult time

In the past I have also dealt with a similar situation

So I knew only to well

How hard it can be

Small talk led to conversation

It began to get busier and busier

Emotions flared up

Tensions grew

An uncalled for aggressive verbal attack

Mystery led to confusion

As I tried to explain

I was told to go away

In very unpleasant tone and words

Rehashing old wounds

I once again tried to clear the air

With no avail

Silence seemed the best solution

Lots of instant thinking

My mind raced

I really don't know what your talking about

This is ridiculous but certainly not to you

I do not like being insulted in front of my coworkers

It was not fair you didn't let me talk

Your nothing but a bully

Trying to get your way

Forcing your opinons on other people

What you think

Simply isn't true

You jumped to conclusions

Making false accusations

You assumed the worst

I remained calm

Being exhausted from the night before was a great helper

I tried to avoid all confrontation

When each opportunity arose

When we would be in too close for comfort

I decided to avoid all proximity

Going out of my way

Avoiding the unavoidable

Once again managers turned a blind eye

Only his superior approached me with concern

Saying if this can't be solved

We have to go to the next step

I was more than understanding

I could see my fellow workers frustration

I was asked if I provoked the incident

I did not

We were just two men talking

As we parted ways

We shall see what happens in the next few days

When we meet again

I am hopeful things will blow over

Since it was a gross misunderstanding and blown way out of proportion

I am willing to move forward

It is not up to me

Work back to normal

As my shifts are opposite

I have many more things to focus on

That better deserve my concentration and attention


DREAM ON (author) on February 22, 2019:

Marlene Bertrand Things sometimes get worse before they get better. I will remain calm and I know rationalizing didn't work. Sometimes silence is the key. Let them talk and I will make every attempt to say I am not interested and it's not my problem anymore. If they continue to keep it up I am going to give them a firm Stop! Enough! Then I will have to see if that solves the problem or I have to take further action. Thank you for your interest and concern. I will let you know how the situation turns out. Have a great morning. The weekend is almost here.

DREAM ON (author) on February 22, 2019:

John Hansen Thank you for your understanding. Things happen and sometimes they are more complicated than I like to think they are. I try to run the situation over and over in my mind to see what exactly went wrong. I can get more frustrated when I think I am in a position I don't like and don't see an easy way out. Some people live for drama and this person seems to be one of them. I will try to stay clear so their life doesn't interfere with my life. It is much harder when this person has to work with you often. Thank you for reading and sharing. I will give you an update when I have one. Until then have a wonderful Friday and a beautiful weekend.

John Hansen from Queensland Australia on February 21, 2019:

So sorry to hear about this misunderstanding and altercation. I hate conflict myself. I hope things improve at work in the coming days.

DREAM ON (author) on February 20, 2019:

Gypsy Rose Lee I was scared for you. I had an older cat and often things happened that made me feel the same way. She lived to be nineteen. One morning I woke up and she had passed away during the night. Before that many times, I held her in my arms thinking it was her last breath. It wasn't her time. She lived a good life. Her name was Whitey. She was a neighbors cat who moved and left her behind to fend for herself. I quickly grew attached. I think she was also beaten. She hated loud noises. A rattling of a bag would send her flying. She knows I loved her and I did the best to provide for her. I buried her out in the yard with her favorite blanket and toys. It is hard to think she is gone. I am so happy I had so much time with her. Enjoy all the times you have and share the beautiful memories so other people can experience the wonderful love. Thank you for being the first to comment. Sometimes life gets so busy I realize nobody has the time. Half the time I don't know if I am coming or going. I try to make my way back to all the things I love and appreciate. Problems come up and they have to work themselves out. Sometimes quickly other times they carry on a way too long. Certain things I realize are out of my control. So I have to do the best I can and find other ways to deal with each situation. I find when I talk it through it makes me feel better. Working it out on paper takes more thought and energy. Then the problem loses it's power over me and becomes a passing phase. I feel better. It somehow leaves my brain and slowly disappears. Even though the physical problem is real and still exists. I hope you may understand my thought process. I am not rambling. I am just explaining how my mind works. How I have learned to deal with uncomfortable problems that bother me. I use the power of the pen to release any frustration and bad energy. I know it does no one any good to hold onto bad vibes. So this is one of many ways to let them go. I hope your day goes well. I love when other people experience love and kindness. It gives me hope and things to focus on. It takes me a while to get out of the funk. We all are human and we have our weak spots. In time we can find ways to make them less hurtful and stop feeling powerless. Enough for one day. We have 4 to 6 inches of snow falling as I speak. I love to see the beautiful white snow. Twenty-eight days till Spring. The snow won't last and a little touch of winter is now more than o.k. Have a lovely night.

Gypsy Rose Lee from Daytona Beach, Florida on February 19, 2019:

I hate when unexpected misunderstandings crop up. My cat butted heads this morning. Never has Sid ever done something like this before. If he comes in and finds he wants more food he will meow at the top of his lungs to get my attention. This morning all was quiet. I woke up and headed for the kitchen. There on the floor stretched out before his food bowls was Sid. Now he is not a spring chicken so my first thought was OK calm down the poor cat went to meet his maker. But then I know him so well that he has ignored me and kept sleeping before so I spoke up and said Sid do you want to eat or to give your mom a really deep shock. I saw the first thing that usually moves and that was the tip of his tail. Then I said you get up on your feet right now or no food. Up he was meowing. I tell you I told him a few things but how do you explain what kind of shock the cat could give you. Oh, well live and learn and the next time I am just nudging him with my foot to get him up immediately if he is still in this world. His birthday is coming up on March 17 St. Patrick's so this cat has been christened half Irish and he will be 13 years old.

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