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Revenge: An Ode

Revenge: An Ode

It is the past
That holds me back
Devoid of all hope
Choosing the wrong track

Thought it was best
Not to let it show
But the pain in my heart
Just wouldn't let it go

For we are young
And full of pride
Revenge is the only answer
You're in for a rough ride

For months on end
I schemed a plan
On how to make this revenge
As sweet as I can

Roses are beautiful
Full of pointy thorns
I'm like the devil
Minus the horns

My evil concotion
Finally comes to fruition
You may whimper and weep
But my hated runs deep

The anger causes pain in me
Too deep for human comprehension
Revenge is the only antidote
To this burning poison

The times you've wronged me
And the times you've made me break
I'll make sure that this apology
Is the one you cannot fake

If judgement is the sky
It feels pretty clouded
By thunderstorms of malice
And rains it is shrouded

I suppose we're immature
And we can't accept our faults
Apologies aren't sincere
Dissolving like bathing salts

As the time for revenge
Draws ever the closer
Can't wait to get this over with
All the more faster

It is finally the day
That I get my revenge
My target is in sight
Ready to challenge

My life suddenly flashes
Right before my eyes
Of how grateful I am
And realise how fast time flies

I slowly turn around
And walk away in silence
Thinking how much time I've wasted
Tilting my life out of balance

I guess that's life
It's got it's ups and downs
It's the way you look at it
That decides who gets to wear the crown.


Gypsy Rose Lee from Daytona Beach, Florida on March 14, 2019:

Loved this. An awesome write. Love that ending.

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