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Revelations of Love Divine. A Dedication to the Lovely Vidya D Sagar. Monday's Inspiration 79

Manatita is an esteemed author living in London, UK. He writes spiritual books, flash fiction and esoteric poetry, his favourite genre.


Come, O Sun, O Moon ... O Stars

My Beloved said: "Come, O sun, O moon,

O stars of the perennial heavens, come!"

And the sun knelt at my feet, the moon

Granted me an audience, at the banquet

of His majesty, while the stars danced on

The gateways, of the Citadel of Love." - Manatita


Revelations of Love Divine

Love came from afar, like the moonlight

And darkness, filling me up with luminous

Rays. Bemused, I offered my Heart in sweet

Surrender, yielding in answer to Rhapsody’s call.

I saw Love’s gaze, as if in another realm:

Ethereal, profound … penetrating my soul,

With the supernal magna of Its beauty, Its

Golden smile, now dancing in my Heart.

I bowed before the radiant sun, shimmering on

The horizon, and I knew, from our encounter, how

The waves were replenished, as the oceans laughed

With merriment - like my soul - inebriated with Joy.

Love was frequent in the beginning, then less

So; then hardly at all. Like a new Lover,

Seeking to cement our relationship, She hid

Herself, to augment the agony of my yearning.

Yet She never left, and like the beat of the

Pulse to life itself, so too, She remained

Within, much more real than the ephemeral,

Caressing my core with illumining Light.

Love visits me in dreams, and we once held

Satsang with a small band of Lovers. There I

Was banqueted with Her bewildering smile,

As She touched my head with Her emerald sceptre.

I became immersed in deep trance, like one

Inebriated with the wine of Jannah. I opened

My eyes, still stunned in a state of Solitude,

Absorbed in the serenity of morning’s Bliss.


The second time She came, my soul was

Lifted and nourished in sweetness, as She sat

Me down in Silence, amidst the sacred stones of a

Temple courtyard, whispering to the deities of Stillness.

Now my hunger is insatiable, and whenever

She kisses me, my breath becomes suspended;

My eyes see only a golden aura, a paragon of

Silhouettes, in numerous shades of twinkling stars.

She drove me away once, like a mother does

A naughty child. My soul wept copiously

With the fire of intensity, until, like a

Loving Mum, She responded to the endless

Knocking at the portals of Her Palace.

My Beloved, my Chinmoy, my Lord; my All.

Adorn me in marigolds, from Your meadow of

Light; embrace me in Thy sweetness, of Love’s Delight.

-Manatiita, The Lantern Carrier. 15th February, 2021

Radiance, effulgence, beauty ... Love!


Come, Sweet Light!

"Come, sweet Light, like unfolding flowers

Of the dawn, do open, the lotus blossoms

Of my Heart. Come! O beauty non-pareil,

Kiss my Heart's cheeks and let us swoon in Love." - Manatita

A Lover of Love and Beauty

© 2021 manatita44

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