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Revelation Dreaming

Bleeding on paper Sometimes it just needs to get out, to be written, to bleed onto paper. This poem bled onto paper after a vivid dream!

Dream or Warning. Reality or Fantasy.

Have you ever awaken from a dream that leaves you in shock, shaken, and still mentally there? It replays over and over again, your own questions echoing in your head. Sometimes there is no answer or explanation and sometimes, the answer was there the whole time.

Have you ever had a dream that leaves you in a daze all day, sometimes even longer? Have you ever asked yourself was that a dream, a memory, a warning, a vision, or all imagined.

This dream was such for me, a dream I could not shake. So, I did the only thing I could do. I grabbed pen and paper, and scribbled down the words burning inside.

Determine for yourself Dear Reader, the meaning.....

The Fall of the Rebel Angels

The Fall of the Rebel Angels Frans Floris I , 1554 Royal Museum of Fine Arts, Antwerp

The Fall of the Rebel Angels Frans Floris I , 1554 Royal Museum of Fine Arts, Antwerp

The Dream

I feel myself wavering

Caught in a tug of war

A battle of wits

A score to settle all scores

In the beginning of a world war

I know what is in store

My human heart trembles

My spirit body says

Do not be afraid

Do not fear

Though the end is near

Here is not here

Let my fingers do your bidding

Let my words write to inform

This world is bendable

This world is under form

Formation new

Formation old

Toss it out

Like toxic mold

We can not be ready

We can not prepare

Not here

Not there

Not anywhere

I cry, I pray

I beg and plead

Why must so many bleed

Then I hear a voice say

I'm sorry it must happen this way

For things to be new

On heaven and earth

There first must come

Cleansing and rebirth

In one final, fighting shudder

My eyes grow heavy

I drift in slumber

© 2018 Ashly Christen

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