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Revelation Begun

I don’t know
who are the people who really think like me
Everything I say
it’s the opposite of what I had for breakfast
i can’t avoid it, I’m needing to calm down
i do want it bad, as all wild thinkers must

A single note
languishing in the air, not so steady at times
and then in every drop, it’s only heartbeat
i’m not going to make you guess anymore
Let us pray
i’ll tell you what, let’s make this one sweet

A daily ritual
of my conflicts; managing to unrest themselves
There’s no need
to ask, no, why yes, is so positive in the dark
Time is short
a window of light, but the curtains are drawn
Who decides
so many times, without passion, without spark

Let’s talk
a spoken desire was born long ago in my heart
I can walk
slowly as we unravel the knot in my stomach
But first
i want to say that we will not speak in forms
Just play
without thought, easy, until the sun comes up

I don’t know
the great the animated silence behind my eyes
I don’t know
what it is, except what happened along the way
I do know this
it is as real as the time I have left in this place
So what
i’m telling you there is no delusion in what I say

But what I said
is not a prophet’s vision, for I know not what I do
It is as sober
as the day I was born, only the shock that I’m alive
Talk to me
this is not only about me, unless I’m all that is real
I see you
bleeding, crying, broken, you too, struggle to survive

I can’t speak evolution
the books are too difficult and long for me to read
Yet I see myself
in the faces of my parents and my children’s minds
Are they better
or worse; passing dreams of islands and dust bowls
We speak in the now
my mistakes in them, a scorching reality to remind

I have ideals
i’m not an idealistic anarchist, I only yield to kindness
I know things
they all happened to me and I played my part well
No script to read
it was all improv, spontaneous explosions of error
Someone loves me
it is more an accident, a miracle, only God can tell

I crossed a bridge
the world destroyed my sight and I didn’t know why
It’s been so long
nothing’s changed, the baby in her arms is still hungry
I couldn’t touch her
i didn’t know how to love her, except to remember
And tell you now
lines in the water are on her face and another country

Alone, always thinking
without whatever it is that draw people together
I see the face
everywhere I go, it is unmistakable in everyone
I raise a glass
wearing a mask, but I can now see into your soul
Don’t blink
the world is digging deep, your revelation has begun