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Reunion With the Beloved- A Dedication to Manatita

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Amara is a writer and love to express her thoughts and emotions through poems and poetry.


Night whispered in my ear

don't sleep, stay awake

Listen to your heart,

its true yearnings

Enchanting moonlight

has some secret message

Mesmerizing the very moment

Listen to it, O seeker

Prostate to your beloved, O believer

Cry in agony, shed your tears

Purify your heart, purify your gaze

then veils of illusion will start to fade

If you want to uncover the secret

of this universe, just look inside you

You are a whole universe in yourself

Your shine will make other stars to blaze

You are a goldmine, dig the secrets

Explore the kingdom hidden in yourself

You are a ocean of mysteries

Be a seeker of your own mystery

If you think the door to this way

is locked, go and ask your heart

You are the key to your heart

and that's the place where

all the miracles happen

Its the home of God

Its not easy to get to your heart

don't fall asleep, if you seek this path

Night is like a beautiful maiden

don't fall to its trap,

Stay awake, its the time for the lovers

to bow down, and to please their God.

© 2021 Amara