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Everytime they had an argument,

The more they hurt each others end.

They both know their love is hopeless,

Such a shame, his sorry are all worthless .

They bid goodbye from now on

They cannot let this hatred go on.

The wound becomes deeper, it adds stress.

He betrayed her more with his mistress.

In the Boulevard she saw him,

Clearly betraying her in the dim,

Passionately kissing her insignificant other

Left her weeping silently in the corner.

He was first hers, how can he forget,

He was married to her, now she regret.

How could their relationship ever mend?

He had an affair with her bestfriend.

She know she's not perfect, that is certainly true.

But that doesn't give him the right to hurt her like he do.

Where are the promises in his vow?

When its all gone with the wind now.

Trust is something he should earn

But this relationship crushed and burnt.

Their foundation wasn't strong,

From the start it was wrong.

If that what makes him happy, and so be it.

She'll untie the knot, just wait a bit.

Maybe its time for her to move on,

Let go, forgive and carry on.

Now she is ready to set him free.

She'll file their union's nullity.

His love for her had been long gone.

She's telling him...yes they are done.

© 2019 Janis

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