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Return My Missing Piece

After a goal is reached then what? I'd made the grade summa cum laude, relatives gather at the table but my heart was sinking


The Missing Piece

Her eyes reflected her surroundings
But heartbreak cracked her smile
Her heart was a glass cathedral
She was pregnant with the future
She believed
A fat belly would stave off endings
And that a name could last forever
Clasping to ten crowns above
Held up by ten thousand stars
New light from past epochs
By the time she noticed
Betrayal of life, it was gone

Busy she had goals
Things to prove "yes I can"
Though she knew she could not
She was tops in all she did
She believed
It was all a fluke, a coincidence?
Not deserved, work harder
Prove yourself!
Live up to the father who said,
"Daughter you can do anything"
I got that degree.

Looking back, now I think,

"thank you father" he knew,

that joy is in the learning

not in the occupation

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