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Retracing My Steps to You

I'm a writer, a poet, a dreamer. Born and raised in New York City. I now live in Daytona Beach, Florida. .


Been many years now,

wonder where you’ve gone,

the photo album in my lap -

retracing my steps to you.

Days of sunny weather,

seasons came and went,

all our days together spent –

hand in hand we went.

Perhaps too many times,

the words we shared,

didn’t express how we cared

and now I’d like to make my way back.

Who was right or wrong,

one of us will have to be strong,

finding the love hidden deep inside

and find the path lost along the way

Long into the quiet night,

dreams I cannot stop,

wondering where it all went wrong -

retracing my steps to you.

Each day there is something,

that reminds me of our days together,

when it was so great,

sharing loving smiles.

Gathering my thoughts,

hands upon the keyboard,

thinking of what to say if I should write -

retracing my steps to you.

Would you smile reading my lines,

would you remember as I do,

perhaps a reminder of me to you

and a smiling photograph or two.

But time goes on

and I pen no line,

perhaps one day I’ll gather the courage

and retrace my steps to you.

© 2019 Gypsy Rose Lee


DREAM ON on March 29, 2019:

I believe everyone in the universe is connected together. When we turn to love,nature and animals we can feel it the most. When we are angry we close the doors. Then we slowly spiral out of control. Pulling away from e eryone and everything that gives us real happiness. Thank you for being a kind friend and a passionate person.

Gypsy Rose Lee (author) from Daytona Beach, Florida on March 29, 2019:

Thank you, Ehilenbalu

Thank you, Shauna

Shauna L Bowling from Central Florida on March 28, 2019:

Another beauty, Rasma. You have such a warm heart and strong soul!

Ehilenbalu David Uduebor from Baton Rouge on March 27, 2019:

Wow!!! Beautiful

Gypsy Rose Lee (author) from Daytona Beach, Florida on March 25, 2019:

Thank you, Brenda.

Thank you, Michael. Quiet and uneventful Mondays are the best.

Thank you, Ruby.

Ruby Jean Richert from Southern Illinois on March 25, 2019:

Retracing steps, how many times have I did that? Beautiful words to think about. I love your poetry!

DREAM ON on March 25, 2019:

Everytime I read your poems they speak volumes. Starting my day slow. Retracing my steps to feel and see more. A rough weekend is now over. I love quiet Mondays.

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on March 24, 2019:

Nice. We all have someone we wonder about from time to time. In todays world it is quite easy to contact someone just make sure it is for the right reasons.

You got your message across. I could follow your words.

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