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Restlessness of a Lover


I like adding life to lifeless lives that is why I cannot do without creative writing, because it is a way of touching some hopeless lives


He has tried his

Best to get a

Responsible lady to be

Married to, but failed

His people returned to

Their country home, there

They found a decent

Maiden for him

He was invited to

Their country home by

His people to see

The beautiful damsel

This they do because

Beauty is said to

Be in the eyes

Of its beholder

On getting to the

Place, he appreciates the

Choice of his people

For him, lady wasn’t bad

The ball was set in

Motion everything was soon

Completed, the required things

Were paid accordingly

He left the country

Home with his adorable

Beauty, his lovely wife

For where he lives

Now he can majestically

Walk among his peers,

For now he is

Likened unto them, married

Happily living were they

In the town, in

Their small apartment in

The center of the city

She though was naïve

As she never leave

For once her parents

Custody until she wedded

It was marriage that

Took her out of

Her parents custody she

Was the apple of their eyes

Now in the center of

The town, everything seems

Strange to her for

She was not exposed

She maintained her status

Because she does not

Want to do anything

Stupid grieving his heart

Even when in their

Country home to make

Friends was not easy

For her, she’s not gregarious

Her husband was the

Only one working and

He would leave for

Work early return evening

At the most 6pm

But mostly he returns

5p.m. everyday. Happy

She was with him

It has been her

Desire since teen days

To be married to

That kind of man

As he used to

He left for his

Work this day. But

He would not return

At the regular time

Which he used to

She was patient a

While it may be traffic

However, this is 10 p.m

Yet her love has

Not returned, she could

Not stand it anymore

No friend to contact

In the neighborhood. She

Called the security to

Lodge complaints to them

They promised to assist

Accordingly, that she should

Relax. But she could

Not relax, restless was she

She kept pacing forth

And back in the

Room and within the

Compound waiting for her love

Her mind became engrossed

With different types of

Thoughts about different things

She has heard earlier

As those thoughts crossed

Her mind she prayerfully

Wades them off her

Heart, trying to be optimistic

She became a shadow

Of herself within that

Transient moment, then she

Recalled people’s counsels

She has been counseled

By some not to

Marry the guy, the

Guy she knows suddenly

She did not agree

To their words went

Ahead and marry him

Was this what they saw?

That day past, nothing

Her body temperature has

Risen for her sleeplessness

Appetite was gone

The food she prepared

For him has gotten

Spoilt, all that was

In her heart is him

She stays by the

Window watching, dozing there

And waking again, expectantly

Expecting the father of fetus

For it has been confirmed

That she is now

Heavy, tests have confirmed

This. What would she do?

Would my child be

Without a father? I do

Not want to think

About this. He’s coming

Yet no where was

He in sight. This is

The third day of

Him leaving the house

She contacted her lover’s

Parents and was moved

To their place to

Be living with them

Till the crisis be

Resolved. When would he

Be back? At the

End of the 10th day

The unexpected happen, he

Surfaced from only God

Knows where and reconnect

His wife in his parents home

There he briefed them

Of what he passed

Through within those days

For he was kidnapped

Only per stroke of

Chance did he escape

From their den and

Had been running and walking

All through the wilderness

For the past 9 days

Before he got to

The main road

On the main road

He asked for where

He was and discovered

He was in another country

He met with someone

Who put him through

How to transport himself

Back to his country

The person even paid

His initial money for

Their currencies differ

Begged he the transporter

To allow him in

And would change money

For him at the boarder

Of his country

That was how he

Was saved. She thanked

Her stars that she

Did not become widow

And that her fetus

Would not be without

A father during parenthood

Bowed she down to worship

The reunion was great

As they returned to

Their abode in the

Center of the town.


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