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Responsibility - A Poem.


The land of the free holds hearty dignity.

Those who walk on its soil play a part in its equity.

One's who disrespect, equal to enmity.

In order to stop strife, we must practice empathy.

Humility and integrity go hand-in-hand.

Government serves the people, but not everything is on demand.

Self-discipline is a practice that benefits this land.

Hard work and consistency is a recipe for command.

Over two-and-a-half centuries the west has prospered.

Our values and principles will forever be fostered.

Innovation is a gift that cannot be taught.

America breeds leaders without second thought.

I love this country with every cell.

To those who question its motives, I wish you well.

For such a young location, there's a long story to tell.

Now we must ensure it doesn't go to hell.

It is our duty and reason to uphold responsibility this season.

Without idea execution, we may severely weaken.

Captains and chiefs made tremendous strides.

Even today, we continue to influence the tide.

Love of country is a God-given right.

I will uphold my love for this nation with every strength and might.