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Response to Word Prompts Help Creativity Week 36 (Strength) ~ "Strength"; "Fake Strength"; "Strength in His Love"

I am a writer. My passion is poetry. I feel words connect people together and help us to understand the feelings we share.

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Response to Word Prompts Help Creativity Week 36 (Strength) ~ "Strength"; "Fake Strength"; "Strength in His Love" is the poems my muse came up with for the word prompt, "Strength."

Strength comes to us in many forms. Sometimes it's a mental or physical ability with determination to succeed.

Other times we fake it til we make it. We are head strong.

Then there's the all consuming love from God giving us strength to face another day.

"Whitney Houston ~ I Didn't Know My Own Strength"



Superb mental or physical ability

Testing one’s inner core

Resisting weakness

Etched like stone

Not lacking determination

Grasping a new level

Tolerating roadblocks

Honoring one’s commitment.


Fake Strength

She wishes her endurance was like super glue

to help her stay the course,

giving her the stamina

to beat whatever comes her way.

Yet it’s fragile and weak,

crumbling beneath the pressure

as she watches a storm brewing in the distance.

Head strong and stubborn,

two qualities that often come back to bite her,

guide her towards a path of least resistance,

helping her to be strong

when she wants to hide.


Strength in His Love

In his loving arms

I can face any obstacle

crossing my path

for he gives me strength to keep going.

When darkness tries to destroy the light

he grabs me,

catching me before I fall

showing me a love

that never withers.

He defeats my battles

placing my feet on the right path

before I am left behind, lost and alone.

He gives me courage

to withstand the storm,

strengthening his love inside my heart.


"Vertical Worship ~ Strength of My Life"


you're in TODAY

is developing the STRENGTH

you need for TOMORROW.