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Response to "Word Prompts Help Creativity ~ Week 27" (Summer) "Mood Changer", "Working Summer Months", "Cool Air View"

I am a writer. My passion is poetry. I feel words connect people together and help us to understand the feelings we share.

Poem Summary

Response to "Word Prompts Help Creativity ~ Week 27" (Summer) "Mood Changer", "Working Summer Months", "Cool Air View" is my poetry response to the weekly word prompt by Brenda Arledge.

My muse decided to jot down a few lines. The first one, "Mood Changer" is an acrostic poem that tells us how the summer sunshine makes us seem happier.

The second one, "Working Summer Months" depicts soneone working during the hot summer months then returning home to sit in front if his air conditioner.

The third one, "Cool Air View" is about not wanting to cover up the window view with a window air conditioner. She finds a solution.

I hope you enjoy them.

"John Denver ~ Sunshine On Your Shoulders"


Mood Changer

Sunshine fills one’s soul
Uplifting his mood
Magically turning his frown upside down
Making each moment brighter
Exchanging his dark expression
Radiating light into his spirit.


Working Summer Months

As the heat from the sun bears down,

his feet shuffle across the cement floor

like he's walking through the desert

dying of thirst.

Water droplets pour from his skin,

each breath gets shallow,

his energy lacks,

his focus gets dim.

An ice-cold bottle of Gatorade

quenches his thirst,

he splashes cool water on his face and neck

bringing the core temperature

of his body down.

Finally he turns the key,

retreating to his mansion,

kicking off those work boots,

plummeting into his favorite chair

soaking up the blast of cool air

blowing on his face.


Poem Summary ~ My Saddle Air Conditioner

"Cool Air View" is a poem inspired by the air conditioner I currently have in my window.

It is called a Saddle Air Conditioner and is fairly new to the market.

I've had mine for 2 years now and I absolutely love it.

It has an energy saver feature as well as a quiet mode.

The best choice for me, since I love looking out my windows. This particular one basically fits over the window sill and leaves the window area completely open.

The only draw back is on hot and humid days it will shut off & you need to drain it.

To remedy this situation, I simply leave the drain open and place a bucket beneath it.

Then I use the water in my flowerbeds.

For more information you can see the Amazon link above.


Cool Air View

Her eyes love glancing out

over the scenic view

from the living room,

but the summer heat bakes the house.

She can’t bear thinking

about the ugly air cooling box

covering up her picture perfect post card

to keep her cool.

She desperately searches for a solution,

stumbling across a new item

that saddles the window sill,

allowing her field of vision to remain.

People tell her she’s foolish

for the dollars are way too much,

but she forges ahead,

pressing her fingers on the buttons

setting up a delivery date.

This splendid model does the trick,

her prospective visibility is saved,

the only problem is the bucket

sitting in her living room,

catching drain water on hot and humid days.

Unsightly as it seems to be

it serves a purpose too,

for it doesn’t raise her water bill

as she waters her flowerbeds.

"How To Work In The Heat ~ GME Supply


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