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Response: Word Prompts Help Creativity ~week 31(secrets) - "Secrets"; "Government Cover-Up"; & "White Lies"

I am a writer. My passion is poetry. I feel words connect people together and help us to understand the feelings we share.


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Response: Word Prompts Help Creativity ~Week 31(Secrets) - "Secrets"; "Government Cover-Up"; & "White Lies" is three poems I have written for the word prompt, "Secrets" from "Word Prompts Help Creativity ~ Week 31.

The first one is an acrostic poem. Then there is one about UFO'S.

The final one shows the pain and heartbreak a white lie can have on a relationship.

"Coco Quinn ~ Secrets"


Something hidden

Ecaping the truth

Creating an illusion for our eyes

Railroading us into a detour

Erasing our common sense

Tossing honesty aside

Sacrificing our morals.


The Truth ~ Cover-Up

The existence of UFO'S (Unidentified Flying Objects) has been a subject for debate for a long time.

The most widely known case was back in1947, known as The Roswell Incident.

A crash landing that happened on a New Mexico Ranch. The Government claimed days later it was only weather ballons.

Did they cover it up? Or did it really happen?

Then their was an abduction case involving Betty & Barney Hill.

This happened in September of 1961. Both seem to be credible witnesses. Barney was a postal employee and Betty was a social worker.

But a government employee from Project Blue Book suggest the two of them only saw Jupiter.

While a psychologist states that they made the whole story up. Yet under hypnosis, the two of them recall seeing little greys.

Is it a government conspiracy to hide the truth or did this really happen?


Government Cover-Up

Area 51,

the Roswell Incident,

secrets hidden for way too long,

discouraging the belief in UFO's.

A government ploy

like Project Blue Book,

proclaiming to discover the truth

only to dismiss eyewitness sightings.

Forgetting those like Betty & Barney Hill

who took a drive on a September night in 1961,

losing two hours of time

with no recollection.

Under hypnosis,

remembering the tiny grays

poking and prodding,

only for authorities to claim

Jupiter was lingering in the sky,

projecting minds little games.


White Lies

Little white lies

spoken from one’s mouth

thinking it’s better to hide the whole truth,

usually are the one’s that splinter the heart

when they come to light.

A secret that’s not necessary

in the first place,

leads to more deceit,

in a vicious cycle

to cover up the first one.

Hiding undisclosed information

is dishonesty

that sets a heartache into motion,

when the truth unveils it’s tiny secrets.


The more secrets you keep, the less opportunity you have for real intimacy.

— Michelle Peterson

"3 Doors Down ~ Behind Those Eyes"


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