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Response ~ Word Prompts Help~ Week 30"(Clouds) "Clouds Bring Peace"; "Turmoil of Good & Evil"; & "Changing Masterpiece "

I am a writer. My passion is poetry. I feel words connect people together and help us to understand the feelings we share.

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Response ~ Word Prompts Help Creativity ~ Week 30" (Clouds) - "Clouds Bring Peace"; "Turmoil of Good & Evil"; & "Changing Masterpiece " includes 1 acrostic poem & 2 other pieces of poetry.

The first one shows how clouds can bring peace by uncluttering our mind.

The second one touches on how clouds can represent both sides of good and evil.

We see peacefullness & serenity, as well as thunderstorms brewing in the sky.

Likewise in life, the torment of our moments are the same.

The third one shows us how the clouds change asxwe use our imagination.

Each one touches us with a bit of immortality.

"Taylor Swift ~ Peace"


Clouds Bring Peace

Clear a cluttered mind

Leading the way

On a path of acceptance

Uniting one’s thoughts

Dashing one’s fears

Soul finding peacefulness.


Turmoil of Good & Evil

A peacefulness she cannot explain

touching the depths of her soul

as she glances up at the blue sky

lined with white-linen puffs

embracing each beautiful moment

taking her to an alternate universe.

A fear tackling her every nerve

as she hears the thunder roar

with dark clouds looming high above her head

battling the demons inside

telling her to be afraid

as she takes cover from the storm.

Depicting the torment

of good and evil

existing in the world

battling for a place in heaven

showing the inner turmoil of bliss.

She searches for the ultimate light

buried in the kaleidoscope of a rainbow

with thoughts wavering towards forgiveness

knowing she has no control.


Changing Masterpiece

A delicate masterpiece

changing constantly

with each scene unique.

Leaving one’s imagination

to decipher the meaning

behind the dance in the sky.

No two pigments appear on the canvas alike

with each stroke of the brush

guided by an Angel’s hand.

Embracing hearts with just a glance

sending a promise

of immortality.


There is divinity in the clouds

— Lailah Gifty Akita

"Cloud Song ~ (Use You Imagination) by AO Kids


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