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Resplendent Aura


This brilliant afternoon, a gorgeous evening tide to behold,

A magnificent magnitude of the stunning day does unfold.

Dazzling to the eyes, their beholding such a splendid view,

Mother Nature at her best, her glorious dress, now on cue.

Radiance so adorned by the mother, this our earthen home,

Her hair, as striking rays of sunshine, in heights all combed.

Skies of blues and the white clouds to form each silhouette,

Every rare canvas to be painted, in thoughts never to forget.


Bright auras, the resplendence forever etched upon our mind,

Strokes of genius formed by God's hands in radiant sunshine.

A guarantee that He does care, His message, one so sublime,

Prepared each day, all to behold, and there to the end of time.

His gift to us, our visual treat, of our eyes does enrich our lives,

As every creature in this world so appreciates and all so thrives.

Each sun up and majestic sunset, of his promises, are well kept,

Artwork he shows across the plains and mountaintops, so swept.


The ambiance, its quality is beyond any sight to compare,

This fine mural painted in multi-colored brilliance is so fair.

Pleases all senses by its mood and tone, does incessantly,

Brightest radiance filtering through the airs, so majestically.

A prelude to the coming night time, of its curtain of darkness,

Awaiting the morning's sunshine, the opposite of all starkness.

Beautiful and grand production by the Creator, in all greatness,

Profound presentation to enhance our lives, His graciousness.


© 2018 whonunuwho

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