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Respectfully Stranded

Respectfully Stranded

I never thought things would work out this way,
When I told you I was pregnant with our child,
You said nothing, nothing at all,
You just went silent,
You became numb immediately,
You stood up and left,
I stared with tears in my eyes waiting for another word from you,
You left without saying anything,
I just stared as you went out of sight.

What am I going to do with this child now?
Did he really say nothing?
I went home and rang you,
Your phone was off,
I tried again, still the same
I tried to call you the next day,
Your phone was still off; it went on for weeks
Weeks turned into months,

I haven’t heard any single word from you,
I figured that was the last time I saw you,
I figured you didn’t want the child,
I figured it was too early for you to become a father,
I figured all your friends will be laughing at you,
I figured you still want to be single,

But what about me,
Have you even thought of how much pain?
I will go through without you,
Have you even though of the next few months without you,
You just never cared,
You were so greedy and wanted all the attention to yourself,

You left me stranded,
But I pulled myself up and I ran,
As fast as I could,
You just couldn’t catch up with me now,
For all the pain you put me through,
I’m not giving you a chance again,
You are still single,
You preached to your friends,
That you were not the father of my child,
And I respected your decision.

But I love to see when the day will come,
When I’ll be standing next to my child,
And tell him how much you’ve put me through,
To raise him up myself,
To feed and clothe him,
And send him to school,
To become a man,
So that one day he will make me proud.

You left me stranded,
But I have my child to lean on to,
And that was the biggest mistake you did,
And you cannot have that precious chance you lost again.
It’s gone now, for good!