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Respect Per Brenda’s 49th Prompt


Response to 49th Prompt "Respect"

Brenda Arledge, a very talented poet, has given us our 49th prompt, which is "respect". She reviews all the articles written in response to her prompts, which must be a time consuming task, but she does it well.

Respect is an important attribute, and it can be a feeling about someone or something being important. Respecting yourself feels very good, and when you respect yourself you will respect others as well. Mutual respect would be the goal.

I initially wrote the acrostic poem. Then, I decided to try my hand at a blitz poem. The theme for both poems is self respect, respect for others and how having respect impacts our lives.

Acrostic Poem

Regard your neighbors with respect

Expect to be treated with thoughtful deeds

Sure to happen when you respect yourself

Pleasing manners and kind regards

Everyone desires to be treated well

Care what your family and friends say

Thoughtfulness takes us such a long way


Others Work

Have respect for yourself

Have respect for others

Others will respect you

Others will make you smile

Smile is an open invite

Smile sends messages

Messages are positive

Messages with expectations

Expectations will be positive

Expectations include admiration

Admiration for our neighbors

Admiration of our friends

Friends make us happy

Friends are a joy of life

Life is good with consideration

Life is better with respect

Respect of yourself is good

Respect leads to self-discipline

Self-discipline for quality of life

Self-discipline to manage problems

Problems with respectful endings

Problems lessen with these solutions

Solutions happen with consideration

Solutions have respect included

Included our care for neighbors

Included our care for all

All can work together

All work for common good

Good results mutual respect

Good results call happen for all

All can care about others

All have respect for others

Others can change the dynamics

Others can respect fellow human

Human can respect others

Human cares when others suffer

Suffer is what no one wants

Suffer feels bad so stick together

Together we can overcome

Together we grow strong

Strong we grow together

Strong gives us joy

Joy happens with respect

Joy we love in our life

Life is good with happiness

Life is always hard work

Work to help others

Work at joy with respect



Aretha Franklin - Think (Freedom)

© 2022 Pamela Oglesby

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