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Respecting Him - A Poem

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Rozlin loves composing poems and sharing them with her readers. She pours her heart in her every write up.

Respect your Lord...The Lord of the worlds!

Respect your Lord...The Lord of the worlds!

The Background Story

Brenda, a talented poet and our dear friend, every week gives us a word prompt. She says word prompt help creativity. Its true, her word prompt really sharpen our creativity. The following poem is inspired by her last word prompt, “respect”. Take time to read my work. Hope all hubbies enjoy reading.

Respecting Him

Expecting respect from youngers,

I respect elders.

But what about respecting The Greatest?

I teach my little one

To be polite in words,

To be polite in actions.

But am I careful with my own words

and gestures as taught by Him?

He wakes me up every morning without fail.

He feeds me twenty-four/seven.

Allows me to breathe day and night.

How much I remember Him daily?

How disrespecting!

I am His creation.

I am on Earth for Him.

He loves me more than anyone else can.

How might be He feeling when I don’t miss Him?

How disrespecting!

Blessed with hearing,

Blessed with sight,

Blessed with heart,

Enjoying His endless blessings,

I don’t ever ponder.

How disrespecting!

The Only Source of Peace always He is.

Calling Him only at bad times,

Ignoring Him on good times.

How disrespecting!

With absolute conviction,

With honesty,

With sincerity,

With non-hypocrisy in faith,

With non-hypocrisy in action,

Veneration of His command

Is the action of reverence to Him.

His respect is injured,

When His forbidden act is done.

All glory to Him,

Who holds the power on every thing,

To whom I will be returned.


© 2022 Rozlin

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