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Residual Anticipatory Aftershocks

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Visions of an overturned tractor trailer on the freeway

Left with feelings of emptiness over situation

Aware that it was a sad sight to be seen

Just don't have an attachment to the unknown aspect

Probably stemmed from being used to the company of one

Locked on a physical and metaphorical island of sorts

Have no idea when a rescue party will arrive

Resigned to enjoying creature comforts alone

Safer that way with the current state of the world

Secretly longed for some type of human connection

Even from those who knew better than to reach out

The ones who disrespected and turned a good relationship

Albeit one with an expiration date; into a tomb of doom

Burnt the last remaining bridge as they fled the crime scene

Avoided watching the carnage that remained in their wake

Turned into a walking contradiction of a human being

Who longed for connection and disgusted when it happens

From someone that needed to keep on walking away

Understood that the past needed to stay buried

No use drudging up those bitterly harsh memories

Sure, some of them were good and fun was had by all

Trust didn't exist at this current state of drowned out affairs

Nowhere to go when so much was said and done previously

Creeped out by compliments from those who don't know you

Skeptical of the ones received by beings you once knew

In another place and time when innocence flowed freely

Want to move forward; feet glued in place by a strong wad of gum

Ready to remove sneakers and keep on walking barefoot

Not caring about tracking mud onto anyone's carpets

Need to feel more than what was administered medically

No longer interested in being placed in a crystallized pedestal

Wanted to be treated with well earned respect

As a survivor who had been put through the paces

A partner equal in depth and stature

Worthy of honesty and kindness

Granted a future more than stolen moments now and again

At least earned that after what a year that had been so far.

Connection the old fashioned way.

Connection the old fashioned way.

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