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Rescue the Maiden's Dream

Kenneth, loves satire and writings to spotlight others, but he also has an "addiction" so to speak, to dramatic and abstract/prose poetry.


" . . .child, climb quietly upwards the sunshine there and whisper

the maiden's dark night's name."


I've a few quid for quail and worn blue balloons for stories

A rotten Oak door and the shadow of a shadow'd whore.

My life is but a benevolence of a master's quilt

A night of sleep, a horizon's longing, a meal without guilt.

Shine high, old moon, and keep your sight from me

Hide my aging hide, Ol' Sol, you are a creeping foe

You cannot speak, sign, or look at a prisoner's flee.

Drink freely, young fools of ancient farmland's sow.

A lauding, clapping, dance and willows roll

She hints at criminal love, a crust, a gentle hand.

Bowing her lovely head no misery to dole.

Lie gently, sweet darling, not a god, but just a man.

Ordered chanting from dark hillsides dark

Musical lies, a prince will die, the wine turned to shame

Her beauty is in his hand, a cloak of taboo stark.

Flesh on his bone, kissing her lips by name.

Elder king and queens live thrice . . .

While mermaids dwell and dine . . .

No silken sails on her barge his price . . .

Oh, beloved, beloved, a final wave, be mine.

Sudden bolt crashing from thunder's lair

Shivering curls of her tiny back . . .

His First Mate, once valiant, ne'er fair.

Mountains rock the ground in silver's sack.

Princess, queens, and myths hang a name in pages

Kings, prince's, and dogs of filthy feet . . .

Children with no faces pass battle's rages.

His hands, her lips, hearts in horizon's meet.


© 2018 Kenneth Avery