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Report of the Committee

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What the outside world thinks about the island is not what is obtained in the island because the people outside the island think the island is rich because of her vast natural resources which are being explored and exported outside the island. However, despite the exportation

Of those mineral resources, the income in hard currencies received from those exported materials get to the purses and accounts of the few members of people that make up the cabal that is ruling the island from the inception of her independence from the colonial masters. It

Is these few selected people who make connections to the outside world, they are those that the people outside the island reckons with, and their estimated worth is what the people outside the island use to measure the wealth and the standard of living of the people of the

Island, thence, they all believed the people of the island are living in affluence, for those people also do tell lies to those people that their people are well to do, saying their income per capital is okay. People living in the island do not know how to tell it to the world that the

Picture of the island being painted to the people outside are wrong and they have been looking for means of getting this across. With the advancement in technology and the invention of the internet those cabals and the liars who have been telling lies to the people

Outside the island that the income per capital of the people inhabiting the island was high was revealed. This how it happened. The world economic leaders have met and decided that ten percent of the people in each country should be lifted out of poverty. After agreeing to do

This, they set committee to look into how to actualize this. The committee met severally on this through online meeting and physically and they eventually resolved on how to go about it and submit their report to the authorities of the world economic leaders. The leaders looked at

Their report and found it worthy for the report says that the best means of getting this done without intermediary is going through the internet and mobile contacts of the people. Thence, the committee was given the order to set the ball in motion and get the people who would be

Pull out of poverty in each island and continents of the world especially among the developing islands. Different people were connected with on the social media, and mails were sent to them using the logo, and the letter headed papers of the world economic union. It

Was noticed that the people of the island who were contacted joyously submitted their details. After submitting their details, they were asked to send their bank details but it was appalling that many of them though have access to the internet do not have bank account.


They set up a survey to know why they do not have bank details and from their responses from the survey they discovered that the reasons given by majority of them for not having bank account is the same and it is that they do not have need for bank because what they are

Earning cannot even feed them, it is those who have in sufficient that would save money in the banks. The people replied that they need to open an account to be able to access the fund, and they discovered that on hearing this most of them stopped the process. Someone

Was sent to the island to know what is happening. The person sent discovered that those people who are ruling them and who have been telling the people outside the island that they have produced thousands of millionaires in their island are lying, they are only enriching

Themselves. After this person submitted his findings to the group. The group met and decide that they need to start online banking if they want this aim of theirs to be actualized. They started online banking, opening of offshore account for the people, because they do not

Want the money to be hijacked by those cabals. Through the opened offshore accounts for the people, they could transfer the money into their own accounts or the account of their next of kin who they are certain would not double-cross them. through this means the people

Of the island were lifted out of their state of poverty which has been the desire and the dream of the economic team members.


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