Repeated Analysis, Step Into Darkness

Updated on January 11, 2020
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Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 12 years.

Made a vast mistake by overcalculating that my feelings

Were beyond everything that happened with Mr. Fraud

They were just a person I used to know and date for a while

Tried to take all emotion out of the conversation

By being matter of fact about the dissolution of our relationship

Pretending that the knife still wasn't stuck in my back

Waiting to be pulled out so that the wound could close up

Allowing the healing to begin and put it behind me

Apparently appearances can be rather deceiving

It's true that I have no desire to have them back in my life

The door has been slammed shut and locked for good

Made an error in judgment by going down this path

Questioning everything that's been done so far to get to this point

Decided to fall down another and equally repetitive rabbit hole

Thought that progress was being made in the right direction

Turned out that it was just an optical delusion to placate one

A person who believed that going over scenarios repeatedly

Led to vast growth and maturity for future endeavors

Not really the truth at all, just a joke to make you feel better

Realized that continuous close and carefully in-depth conversations

Started a mad dash to pick repeatedly at your old wounds

Allowing them to fester until they were beyond repair

Wanted to get beyond the point of feeling empty at times

Going through the motions until shedding the costume

When it was time to get home and deal with the reality

Found it difficult to be myself even I was by myself

Not sure where the truth began and the mask ended

Needed to take a step back and just let nature take its course

Working through the sarcasm, disappointment and enmity

Allowing them to disappear completely into the abyss

Wanted desperately to get beyond feeling anything for him

The fake who decided to play games with the facts

Fast and loose with the specifics to maintain any integrity

Getting over someone is a lot harder than you might think

An obvious sentiment for anyone who has ever been dumped

Letting the memories go into the farthest regions of your mind

Like cold storage for the past and deep freeze permanently

Eager to get to the point that if any public run-ins occur

They won't even matter because his existence means nothing

You've grown past them by leaps and bounds

Ready to find someone else who deserved your love

Wish that time would come sooner rather than later

Need to get off this bandwagon.

A place to store unwanted memories and bury away for good.
A place to store unwanted memories and bury away for good.



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