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Repeat To Delete

POEM- Repeat To Delete

Anything learned first,

In our mind is evergreen and is hard to make it rust.

The first thing learned is easily believed.

In our mind a great mark it leaves.

And it decides how the world we perceive

Things learned first in our mind stays like a solid rock,

Coz our mind is free from past notions that act like blocks.

So things learned first our mind never resists.

And thus they shape our thoughts and beliefs and always persist.

First things just require learning so absorbing them is a piece of cake.

But the things after that require forgetting and relearning and thus it requires time to absorb and take.

As they contradict with our current beliefs, there’s a conflict.

New thoughts from entering our mind we restrict.

That means they will never change our thoughts and beliefs?

That means will we never turn over a new leaf?

Anything that is prolonged,

Is believed and previous notions are proved wrong.

We no longer remain a snob!

New things we believe and absorb.

Our mind gets broad and wide,

Our thoughts and beliefs get modified.

Anything that is repeated and frequent,

Makes our mind easily believe it and not resent

.It makes our mind credulous,

And makes it no longer doubtful and ambiguous.

So to make the stubborn mind accept defeat,

To make the old thoughts and beliefs ruin,

The solution is repeat, repeat and repeat!

New beliefs will destroy the old beliefs and win.

Broken can get the first beliefs that are stubborn.

It just requires repetitions to relearn.

An infant is a novice,

He is not aware and apprised.

His mind is free and nothing he knows,

He easily absorbs and does not oppose.

He is gullible,

So to believe and absorb faster,he is very capable.

But later anything learned that contradicts his notions and is new,

It is tough for him to accept and believe and thus he argues.

But when repeatedly done and told.

His past beliefs are easy to mold.

So the one who is not ignorant and is informed,

With repetitions his mind too can get transformed.

First lessons are easier to learn

First lessons are easier to learn

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