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Reopened Vaults

TaJuan is an aspiring writer hoping to gain experience and growth through publishing passionate works, like this one, online for the world.

my eyes opened as I hit the joint

to a past locked up pass

the point

of no return

yet it was here.

memories of old

spray painted gold


but they were secretly shit

but I’ll admit

not all.

there were times

where I

with my eyes

saw a truly beautiful world.

a world where the air was purer

happiness was more or

the mental illness just hadn’t kicked in yet.

and who’s fault would that be, dad?

I hear you


"old wounds fresh?"


so listen

allow me to express

or no


or wait


or maybe I’ll just express

till I am success-

fully wiped of the pain.

you say you don’t remember


I’ll make you remember

gay is not okay.

repeat after me.

gay is not okay.

I said repeat after me.

gay is not okay.

don’t make me spank you.

gay is not okay.


you never listen.

as the water in my eyes


because I didn’t even know what gay meant.

I just wanted to wear a tutu.

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