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Renegade Cowboy Chump Change

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 14 years.

Searched high and low for a real life hero of substance

Instead of childish villains who played adult dress up

Realized that this investigation needed to be put on hold

Soured to the concept of decency after seeing so much terror

News of mass shootings seemed to pop up on the regular now

Landscape full of horror stories and nothing positive

Could make anyone question the decency of everyone

Wondered if hidden agendas and easy gun access came hand-in-hand

Became aware that the good ones don't ride horses or wear Stetsons

A few past experiences and some observational analysis

Gave way to a new perspective to this train of thought

Developed a profile of those supposed bad boys

Who wanted to make good that always failed at the dismount

Created best laid plans and never could be on time for them

Always allowed clocks to be decorative pieces

Instead of informative tools to keep the ball rolling onto next phase

Responsibility simply overrated in long run game

Chose companions based on short term needs only

Turned analysis to the prey they landed on this time

Came across as a rugged outlaw with a soft center

Shrugged off authority when it came to rules and regulations

Believed in more solitary pursuits to find a private equilibrium

Loved the idea of a partner in theory; not in practice

Kept everything in separate compartments on purpose

Allowed them to rarely intersect for unknown reasons

Gave up on the notion of caring about those motives

Realized that it was what it was in the end

Just a byproduct of their long overrun and unkempt past

A master of pretense and hidden manipulation

To bend their prey to suit their specific needs

Pretended to want traditional pursuits, but balked at them

When it came time to put down roots or money

Broke out in hives when it came to making future plans

Used obligations to avoid responsibility for everything

Threw around blame as if it was simply a game to play

Fed up with those who don't take accountability

Looking for some solo adventures by car

Afraid to even go near a horse and not a hat person

Time to focus on being the heroine of their own story

Stopped worrying about the darkness on the outside

Focusing on what was going on within for time being.

An image that didn't signify heroism in this case.

An image that didn't signify heroism in this case.