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I pick the phone to call,

But there is no one to call anymore.

I reminisce back to times.

When phone lines had cords.

Now the phones have no cords,

Nor does our heart.

Infinite names in our phone.

But no one to call and ask

“How are you?”

I reminisce back to times.

When phone bills made us cringe.

Now a call costs next to nothing.

Nor do our feelings.

Every name left in the phone book

Means nothing,

All are gone.

I reminisce back to times

When I could call you!

© 2021 Aarti Nair


Aarti Nair (author) from Kottayam on May 21, 2021:

Thank you Jodah for such kind words

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on May 21, 2021:

This is such a sad but well-written poem. Many have lost friends and family to this virus. it would be heart-breaking to see their names still in your phone contacts list.

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