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Reminiscences With My Beloved, Friday's Inspiration 25, to My Esteemed Habibi, Rosina Khan

Manatita is an esteemed author living in London, UK. He writes spiritual books, flash fiction and esoteric poetry, his favourite genre.

Thought for the day

"That which is bitter to endure, may be sweet to remember. - Anne Weale

Remembering Rosina, our dear friend and invaluable member of this Community, who appeared at one point to be facing the portals of Jannah ... who Allah chose in Its Mercy; in answer to prayers, to grant her an extended and loving life. Regards to her family and loved ones. - Manatita


Reminiscences with the Beloved

The smooth scarlet sand, kiss the white

Residual splash of crashing waves. The

Blue sky; the bright patchy clouds, stands

Majestically above the hills and foliage,

Glistening on the aqua-marine waters below.

Tonight, I will carry these memories

On the light winds of dew-drops, gently

Cradling Your gorgeous cheeks. I will offer

You my soul; the tenderness of Love, as the

Indigo moon swallows the night with its lustre.

My old shadows have vanished, and the

Luminance of stars will dance with us, amidst

The nebulae of Andromeda. Hearts entangled,

We will gaze at the sunset meadows, look upwards

At the radiance of the stars, twinkling in the distance.

I won’t give You blue-bells anymore, my

Favourite pasatiempo, like dance to the

Ballerina; like a goal to the football fan.

Instead, we will smile, look into each other’s

Eyes as our souls’ blend in fiery passion,

Springing from the great agony of our yearning.

This, is enough. We know what we feel for each other;

See it cemented into the cornerstones of great

Foundations, like fresh water from a well; like strong

Currents flowing, merging ceaselessly into the ocean’s depth.


As a child I loved the heavens! Sitting on his lap

As dad told Anansi stories way into the night. I was

Always a sucker for the pinnacle of beauty! “Daddy,

Daddy!” I used to say. “What is that up there in the sky?”

“La Luna, my son.” He would respond in hermoso Espanyol.

“The moon!” I’d like to go up to the heavens and

Play with it!” My father would smile, console me by

Saying that one day it will come to dine with us; that

We’ll have a fiesta, as estrellas sparkle in the heavens.

And my soul-bird would soar, as I left my mortal frame behind,

Forgetting Brer Anansi; laughing aloud with shooting stars!

Serves me well now, for You, mi dulce Luna, my sweet moon,

Has finally come to me, wrapped up in an effulgent array of

Resplendent grandeur. We adorn our lips, on the enchanting

Spheres of perennial sweetness, waltzing to the harps of Seraphims.

Minstrels gather together as we twirl, on luminous

Carousels of glittering rays, estrellas sparkling; multiplying

Themselves a thousand-fold; whispering symphonies of

flute-like solitude, into the profundity of our Spirit.

- Manatita, The Lantern Carrier. 18th June, 2021



Sayings of the Master

"Your wound is the place where the Light enters you." - Rumi

Challenges and Life

© 2021 manatita44

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