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Remind me of sunsets


I sincerely hope you were prepared for this, dear self, I don't even know how to even think of apologizing. I just hope you knew that it was just but a fling all along...
I took coffee today although we agreed I wouldn't, and am not trying to defend myself, but you know me and promises.... I don't even remember making them in the first place..
I took coffee, several cups. Felt like the first sincere hug have had in a while, made me happy like the sun was setting in slow motion.. I'd say " we needed it " but I'd be lying, I just wanted to see things in a different way just for a quarter an hour...
Didn't work though, maybe because deep down i knew I wasn't true to us. Guess that's why you were cruel, feeding me the w is cruel to us. I mean look at us running from coffee...

I don't want to make any more promises that am more than certain I won't keep...

All I ask from you is to shut my mouth up before I say " hello " again.. Remind me of sunsets instead.

© 2020 Amani Utembu

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