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Remembering To Dream Big

Hope for good times to come


Remembering To Dream

The sun streamed in and lit up the room
The warm rays erased the gloom
Of long nights of sadness locked away and marooned
On an island of loneliness, felt like the moon.

Summer sounds of birds in the trees
New hope and a sudden rush of freedom
Thrilling through her bones.

No time for sombreness
No time to cry
A new sun peeping through the curtains
Its time to fly

Thanking God for another day to smell the fresh mown grass and
heaps of hay.
A dance in the meadow down to the stream
Singing your song
Remembering to dream.

Never stop dreaming


Dream Stealers

No one can take your dreams away from you. Ask God to protect them from people and their negativity. Most people do not understand your own dreams and aspirations.

Freedom Rising

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