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Remember Me Poem

I have a story to tell but it will not be my mouth that will utter the words.


Remember me;

If my name never makes it

Into the books of legends,

If my works are never too strong

To hold on to the timelines of history,

If the hands of time

No longer catch me when I fall

And for love’s sake

I’m banished to the land of the dead.

Paint a picture in my honor;

A knight riding the desert winds

Chasing a dry stretched horizon

Hunting the sands of time,

That when the mists of life have faded

And fogs of nightmares disappeared

I may live in your heart forever,

A knight that found life between dunes

But gave it all away in the alters of love.

Tell tales of the sculptures I built for you;

Of the love that stood tall and firm

Of a passion that surged to the greatest of heights,

Say it had fine curves of your smile

As if I had the patient skills to perfects it,

Say it towered across the sky

As if I had the time to watch it grow,

Talk of its love beyond beauty

As if I had the heart to fantasize it so.

© 2018 Omondi Geoff

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