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Relinquishing the Title

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Have finally and understandably come to the overdue realization

No longer want to be attached to memories of days gone by

Misbegotten moments of supposed happiness

Aware that it was a complete figment of somebody's imagination

Was it on the end of the narrator or society as a whole?

Hard to say when it all comes down to placing blame

Sure, there were some genuine moments that came about

When emotional guards were on their lunch or dinner breaks

Barriers on both sides made it impossible to transcend

One wall had too much holding it down too firmly in the ground

Unable to budge on their opinions and willingness to compromise

Other side too trusting and way too willing to give in to make due

Reached an impasse in the relationship where neither could return

Everything turned to past tenses in sentences

An ending that was simply that: an ending

Almost two years have passed since the relationship exodus

Not initiated by the original resident palace romantic

Resigned to this current fate of solitude

Better off alone than paired with an unreliable ally

Fooled into believing that they entered into a happy story

Well, a moderately happy one

No arguments; even though tension always remained

Nothing but good times, and nothing ever discussed

Minor differences grew into continental divides

A perfect storm of a conclusion that took some time to come about

Where titles and status symbols once given held bittersweet meanings

As months went by, those items became just that

Aware of where they came from; just didn't sting when touching them

As for the labels, nice to have had someone while it lasted

Ended on a sour note that made them "my ex"

So much water washed away the disgust of it all

Ready to remove the "my" from anything pertaining to them

No longer inside the circle of anything meaningful

Removing any moniker next to their name in my mind

They're just a name, a memory and someone passing by

Those days where their words or their images had importance

Vanished as another year marched on

Keeping on this path of self rediscovery meant more

Than was behind closed doors and placed in the mental crawl space

Finally, time to move on and have never been more ready to do so.

Time to pack up the past and move on.

Time to pack up the past and move on.

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