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Relinquishing the Heavy Crown of Glory

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Exhausted from the past few days of being in charge

Thankless position where the person got a lot of flack

Just for fulfilling their required duties and responsibilities

Nothing more, nothing less in doing so in the first place

Exacerbated by a compulsive need to please others

Understood that not everyone was going to be pleased

Some will be irritated and try to throw you under the bus

A fact of life that will never change no matter what

Best just to do what is required without bending over backwards

Never got anyone anywhere, except a monstrous headache

Irritated to the maximum velocity for doing too much

A whirling dervish with nowhere to go without falling

Off a cliff into the abyss of being an overachiever

Doing so much without getting a thing for it

Doesn't seem fair that hard workers get so little

While the slackers seem to run the program

Time to go back into the trenches today

Couldn't be happier to be back in favorite position

With the rest of the worker bees buzzing away

Listening to music and cranking results out

Relieved that it was time to give someone else

The burden of running the show for a change

Heavy is the head that wears the respective crown

Full of jewels and adornments of past, present and future

Power players that put their own stamp on the legacy

Designed it into a fashion that was traditionally their own

Never understood how some people are built for this

While others liked to rebel in the outer decks of society

Preferred to be squarely in the middle of both

A member of the lunatic fringe and a conservative player

Felt better to be playing on a balancing act than choosing

One role versus the other; not very suited for that personality wise

Sore and fatigued from running around like a crazy person

Putting on unnecessary pressures to be in the trenches

And controlling the storm from entering the gate

Putting a stop to all the demons looking to gain admission

Stepping down from this hornet's nest full of thrones

Causing a lot of stress and downing half a box of chocolates

To alleviate a lot of self-manufactured tension to keep things going

Enjoying winding down the week back to normal

Focusing on my particular lane and let the rest

Be someone else's problem for now on

Thank goodness for small favors.

Heavy is the head who wears this.

Heavy is the head who wears this.

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