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Relentless Rains, Waters Rising, a Poem

David writes a poem here about the difficulties that old age can present to people and those who care for them.

Heavy rains fell, water invaded our home

Quite a few years ago, at least more than 7 years, we experienced some floodwaters entering the place we were living in at the time. It was what we in South Africa call a garden cottage or flat which is a dwelling place normally situated on someones property next to or behind the main house.

The cottage had some structural problems in that rainwater leaked through the flat roof at times and once when it rained heavily for a few days, water entered the front entrance causing some upheaval in our lives. Mild damage to several items inside occurred - I put down a poem recently about this unfortunate experience.


Relentless Rains, Waters Rising

Some rain at last

in the little cottage they sat

enjoying the falling water

as it poured down from dark skies above

All was good until later

they saw some dampness

slyly seeping through the ceiling

then it came dripping down

into their lives

Furniture, an old hi-fi, a microwave

moved out of harms way

the lounge it looked a sight

with things all out of place

Before too long

water rose in the front garden

until it sat at swirling

against the glass sliding door

he put sandbags outside

to try stem the rising flow

On it rained, a constant downpour

the water soon seeped silently

under the big glass door

into their homely lounge

running over tiled floor

small carpets soon moved

out of harms way

Alarm bells in their heads went off

things were getting out of hand

The rain it wouldn't let up

He went outside

to dig a trench

hoping to get

the waters to flow

away from their dwelling

Alas, this did not work

and the level continued

to rise inside

lounge and kitchen

now filled to ankle deep

Time was passing

soon it was the dark of night

their next bright idea was

to vacuum the water

yes, they had a machine

that could do just that

small as it was

Late into the night they worked

sucking up some small amount

of water at a time

which was hurled out

the back door

soon a dogged-like routine set in

His body ached

it was 3 am

he couldn't go on

any more

and retired to bed

worrying the cold substance

might come sneaking

into the bedroom

A night of short, disturbed sleep

getting up every so often

to check the level

good fortune – the water it kept at bay

and the next day

the rain it stopped

Mopping up operations ensued

to clear the residue of water

the place, it looked a mess

some damage to furniture

damp cloths and newspaper

all strewn about

Their first-time flood at home

the last they hoped

in due course

they moved

to higher


In their new abode

it could rain all day and night

and hardly a drop of water

would invade their space

Their new home

safer than the last


they could put that

meddlesome misfortune

in the far distant past.



Soon after moving to new accommodation which is more like an apartment, funnily enough it rained heavily again and the city flooded but we weren't affected at all.

© 2018 David Edward Lynch


David Edward Lynch (author) from Port Elizabeth, South Africa on January 29, 2019:

Thank you for your comment Devika Primic, yes our new place seems to be water-proof.

Devika Primic on January 29, 2019:

This experience is often watched on television to have experienced flooding as you have sounds disturbing. You captured with a poem and so greatly expressed. Hope you have sorted out your place of stay by now.

David Edward Lynch (author) from Port Elizabeth, South Africa on September 04, 2018:

Thanks for your comment John. Yes, it was a disturbing experience and we had to move to a safer place before it happened again. You're fortunate the water didn't come into the place you mentioned, it's no joke when it happens. Best wishes, Dave

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on September 03, 2018:

This would have been quite an uncomfortable and disturbing experience Dave, and you captured it well in your poem. I wouldn’t have stuck around to let it happen twice either. We once lived in a place where our yard flooded and under the house but it was highest so that was fortunate.

David Edward Lynch (author) from Port Elizabeth, South Africa on September 03, 2018:

Thank you Shannon for your comments. Fortunately the flooding in our place wasn't too drastic but it was bad enough. I've seen photos of floods in the province where floodwaters were almost as high as the roofs of houses, where people are seen standing on rooftops and having to be ferried by boats to safer areas.

Thanks for enjoying the read.

Shannon Henry from Texas on September 03, 2018:

Quite a story. Though I've never personally experienced flooding inside my home, I have lived in areas that are prone to flooding and witnessed other people dealing with situations similar to what you describe. I have been caught in a vehicle in a flash flood, though, so I can relate to the angst that comes with water seeping inside of a place that is supposed to be safe. Your story is very well penned and I enjoyed the read.

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