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Relaxing And Enjoying Prosperity

In All Forms

Feeling my hidden thoughts and emotions

Flowing forward gracefully

Each surfacing slowly

One not replacing the other

Instead connecting to make something greater

Expanding naturally

All emotions taking turns

Reinforcing the good

Strengthening old positive habits

Letting the unsettling feelings drift away

Because they are not needed

Encouraging all beneficial actions

To create a new direction

Unknown before

Hidden by so many different alternative actions

Now it can be free

To take on the challenge

Of more pleasures

So simple as closing my eyes

Seeing the darkness turned to different colors

Little flickers of light

The noise around me becoming quiet

Slowly disappearing

The cool air moisturizing my skin

My fingertips sensitive to each tap

Receiving instant messages

From each positive connection

Easily translated

The shape of my body

Molded to the chair

My hair follicles connected to my head

All these things are just small examples

Of a big picture we are part of

We don't always see, feel or understand

If we let our emotions guide us

We can uncover more that we adore

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