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Relationship Smoke and Mirrors: Exposing the Truth

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Christmas approaching in a matter of days

A lot has changed in the past year

Last holiday season focused on buying perfect gifts

Including a special someone into the gift plans

Managed to hit a decent home run with my gift

Pictured many more holiday moments of joy and presents

What a difference 365 days makes to the equation

Substracted buying presents for one person

While maintaining sense of balance to the remaining tribe

This time around holidays seemed a little anti-climatic

Probably because heart is still not fully recovered

Understandable to be dealing with such a loss and betrayal

Realized that the end was nearer for it than I expected

Just wasn't noticing the signs until it was glaringly too late

Remembered back on some those supposed good times

And understood that Mr. Clause needed to put him on one of his lists

You can guess that it won't be on his nice list this year, or next year

Now, back to the tale at hand and some polite investigation

Dealt with some harsh and shocking truths in past three months

Enjoyed being in a relationship, not the aftermath though

As a newly single and cynical woman with some experience

Under her black and pink lace garter belt

Some emotional scars from a battle of the heart

Felt initially strong attraction when we first met

Like being struck by lightning wrapped in tin foil

Impact was strong and full of electricity

Pulled back due to 20 year age difference

Thought we were in two different stages in life

Turned out first instinct was the best one

Impossible to ignore strong sparks such as that

Best to get hit by Thor's thunder bolt full blast

And recover from the aftershocks once it's done

Went full tilt boogie into an adventure that left head spinning

Excited as if you locked in Willy Wonka's factory for a day

Ate so much chocolate that it was hard to function

Fatigued and grossed out by all the sugary goodness

Stuck in a junk food coma that was nearly impossible to shake

Technically, that's what a relationship can also mimic

Overlooking all the negative aspects and focusing on only the good

It can be optimistic to always believe in the good

Better to be realistic at looking at both aspects of a partner's character

Equipped with the knowledge of entering a relationship

Eyes and heart wide open to better prepare yourself for any and all outcomes

Can't always prevent getting your heart broken

Hard to not lose faith in the opposite sex and the hope finding new love

Not ready to throw in the towel just yet

Needing to regroup from the last battle before moving onto the next one

Don't know when that will be; best things come when you least expect them.

Time to unwrap a new present.

Time to unwrap a new present.

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