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Romance, HeartBreak, the two I've lived through all my 20 years and can only live to tell


Your words spill from yo mouth and let loose into the air
I got wind that you wish I was there
I rather you fast forward than press rewind
When together I didn't love you as mine
When together I gave up more than I ever tried
You forever wanted us to go on
And I wished one day we'd end
Here you are saying again, needing another dose of a guy you was addicted to
Never would I want you to relapse
That is because I believe in you
You've got more to lose than I actually do
The name calling, how can you forget that
Victimizing I know you remember that
Your heart to me was playful
You gave me yo heart so I played you
Was in beds everyday and there I lied to yo face
Should've kept it real and told you my heart holds no space
Should've stayed a kid instead of getting my first taste
Look forward I'm just a waste

© 2018 Qwaishun Barnes

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