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Regrets? Sunday's Inspiration 35, to the Esteemed Writer and Friend Amara Hassan. Prompt From Brenda Arledge.

Manatita is an esteemed author living in London, UK. He writes spiritual books, flash fiction and esoteric poetry, his favourite genre.

Wisdom from the Master

"Regret is nothing but a waste;
Therefore, do not regret.
See the light, feel the light, become the light
Of today’s dawn
And try not, cry not
To see yesterday’s stars, moon and sun.
They are gone.
They should be buried in oblivion-night." - Sri Chinmoy

The following poem has been influenced by the works of the respected writer, Brenda Arledge latest article below:

The prompt, No 20, is 'Regret', for which I have chosen to give a positive spin. As you will see, the poem is an inspirational one of a sublime and lofty relationship, pointing towards beauty ... to Love.

Brenda needs no introduction, as she regularly and tirelessly encourages us, with prompts, either to try our hands at, or continue our creative writing efforts. She's an excellent poet and writer; a great motivator well known to the regular members of the Hubpages community. We applaud her as one singular Unit.

Forward to Jannah



Be as you are, live in your own Light! Do

Not challenge yourself, to walk in someone

Else’s shadow. Stride in your own beauty!

Love’s golden slippers, are never short of

Empathy. If we merge with the Dao laid out for us,

This wayfaring journey, will flow like a running brook.

Give yourself to Love, and this Universe will

Work with you. The opulence of a Queen

In motion cannot be hid, neither can the inner

Phoenix of a soul, carrying the banner of Love’s lustre.

I arose at the virgin dawn, kissed her yearning lips;

My soul travelled 3,000 miles with regret, thinking

Of how much more, we could have done together; the

Expectancy I may have left behind, as I walked in her shoes.

Now my eyes are fixed on the Golden shores of

The new Jerusalem. Letting go of all distractions, I,

A hero, marches along a glimmering Path, unwavering

In devotion, my gaze pointing to the infinite;

Leaving behind me this world of shadows.

- Manatita, The Lantern Carrier. 11th July, 2021

No Looking Back (Regrets)


Wisdom from Hafiz

"One regret, dear world,

That I am determined not to

Have when I am lying on my death-bed,

Is that I did not kiss you enough." - Hafiz of Shiraz

Wisdom from the Master

"Free yourself as soon as possible
From the torture of endless regret
If you want to receive unfettered joy
From your illumination-soul." - Sri Chinmoy

Flow with the flowers in the love of beauty, and as the beauty of this Love. - Manatita



Wisdom from Hafiz

© 2021 manatita44

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