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Regretful Soul

This is about regrets. Those regrets which are unforgettable.


As the day starts to fade,
Taking me back to the time I regret,
Again cutting those healing wounds.
Oh! My tears and woes are still stitching,
Those wounds of my heart,
Unaware of their eternity.

All my tears have now started drying up,
And my woes have become silent,
But the wound is still aching to the utmost.
And my nights are still sleepless,
Ohh! My soul has become a captive,
Of the mercy less hands of remorse.

But as I try to escape, my hands are frozen,
By the thoughts of that decision,
That has now turned into my commitment worries.
Wrenching every part of my soul,
Ohh! Even the time has no control over my thoughts,
Taking me every night back to my regretful past.

© 2021 Aisha Chhetri