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Refreshed And Rejuvenated


There Is No Better Feeling

A simple pleasure that is hard to measure

After a long day of work

Feeling sleepy and can't get motivated

Any time of day will work

Where every muscle is tickled lightly

A great stress reliever

The tension floats away

Nobody has to know

Talking to myself

I even thinking of singing my favorite song

Convincing as I can be

I know I have to go

The only thing that makes me leave

As I force myself out

I can come back when I am in need again

It is not only good for my body and good health

My mental health too

A wonderful shower makes me so happy

I like to run the water hot

Then cool it off slowly

Before I turn it to off

I get a little chill

That shocks my system a little bit

A fine ending to ten minutes of fun

If I had my way

i would stay in there all day


DREAM ON (author) on April 26, 2020:

Michael-Milec I found that I relax when I can and even if it is in the shower. When I come out I am ready to take on the world. My body has served me well and continues to do so many amazing things that keep me safe and out of harm's way. Thank you for reading and caring. I appreciate every post you make and gives me so many good thoughts to ponder. Please, stay safe and have a wonderful day.

Michael-Milec on April 26, 2020:

DREAM ON, attracted to your "Refreshed And Rejuvenated" the first thing to my mind came an information known to me as long as my memories go "We never give up. Our bodies are gradually dying, but we ourselves are being made stronger each day." We do take care of our "material framework", the body for the successful stages of renewal, getting fresh energies, so that without interruption we might prosper equally in spirit soul and body. Life is equally beautiful as well as complicated and each of us is responsible "maintaining' it to the fullest. Nice day.

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