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Refreshed And Rejuvenated

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There Is No Better Feeling

A simple pleasure that is hard to measure

After a long day of work

Feeling sleepy and can't get motivated

Any time of day will work

Where every muscle is tickled lightly

A great stress reliever

The tension floats away

Nobody has to know

Talking to myself

I even thinking of singing my favorite song

Convincing as I can be

I know I have to go

The only thing that makes me leave

As I force myself out

I can come back when I am in need again

It is not only good for my body and good health

My mental health too

A wonderful shower makes me so happy

I like to run the water hot

Then cool it off slowly

Before I turn it to off

I get a little chill

That shocks my system a little bit

A fine ending to ten minutes of fun

If I had my way

i would stay in there all day