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Reflections on Life - Crossroads

Joyette Fabien wrote poetry in her youth. Not much of a talker, poetry became her primary response to life's ups and downs.

Some Roads We Have to Walk Alone


The Road to Self-Awareness

I have come

A long way, a road

Plagued with uncertainty

And doubt, a road

That made me doubt

So many things I used to know

About myself; a road

That made me discover

So many things I didn’t know

About myself. I have come

A long, long way

Everyone Reaches their Crossroads at Some Point in Life

I stand and look about me, behind me, ahead, and all around - Crossroads! I have reached a turning point, my crossroads. Which way to go? I do not know. Does one ever know until it is too late? And then too late, does one regret the experience gained from a mistake? I say, even sad memories are memories; every experience a treasure. And knowing this which way do I go? Onwards into the unknown? Back into the past? Left or right on my crossroads?

It took me a long time to get to this point, to begin to discover myself. I had to delve deep down within me; discard, assort and re-assort the things I found in there. At last I discerned somewhere, in the midst of the confusion, a pointer; a light which flickered weakly suggesting, yet withholding that which I sought to know. I pounced on it. A straw so very frail, yet the way to myself at last!

Attaining Self-Realization

I will take the road

That goes straight ahead

To the future, my future

No left turn; no right turn

Heading towards fulfilment

There can be nothing to lose

And perhaps plenty to gain

A world of new experiences

And perhaps greater joy in life

I have reached my crossroads

And this is to me, at last

A chance to find myself

To break old ties

To forge new links

To take decisions

Concerning my life

I am at my crossroads

And through the darkness

I glimpse a a little light

Beckoning me to come

So I choose my road

With a lighter heart

A spring to my steps

Ready for the unknown

No longer frightened

Of what it might hold

But full of anticipation

For all the good things

The future promises

I take a last look around

Then onwards I go

I'm on my way!

Future here I come!


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© 2022 Joyette Helen Fabien

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