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Reflections of Pleasure

Harish Mamgain is fond of the craft of writing. He loves poetry.


Reflections of Pleasure

How I relish everyday yet keep silent

Tides of aroma coming out of the kitchen

Several met me, several did I forget
Smiles on the faces of guys I enjoyed

Daily the thirst and hunger they satiate
Taste in the buds having drinks and food

Tired of the daily grind, back to my home
Comfort to the body relaxing in the bed

Ready again thinking of the next venture
Relief to the self finshing the task in hand

Different hues of flowers, different smells
Succulence to the heart strolling in a park

How it remains etched forever in the mind
Affection to the kind souls helping in need

Out of the turmoil, watching moments go by
Balance in the mind looking peace around

Facing onslaughts, knocking hurdles hard
Courage in the veins, grappling chaos in life


© 2018 Harish Mamgain

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