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Reflections of Love and Light

I have stumbled across a new passion: writing. It is proving to be insightful and rewarding.

Glass Ball Forest Up Down Nature Reflection

Glass Ball Forest Up Down Nature Reflection

I thought I was prefect in practically every way.
But no, it’s no longer true as the days of my life are diminishing.
I thought that’s what life taught me. Isn’t that what little girls are taught?
I’m growing older each and every day and the seasons are having their way.

Time and memory are the first to go.
What’s today? Same day? Any day?
All the days run together in a menagerie of reflection.
And sleep, what’s that? What is refusing me the sleep I need?

I live deep in denial. I sleep deep in denial.
Who taught me that aspect of life’s mysteries?
Was it in vogue back in the day of drunkenness and denial?
What happened back in the day when carnations and chocolates were far and few between?

Sometimes I can’t find myself in the dark when the shadows hover over me.
I can’t seem to find my thoughts. The shadows cover them up.
As time travels forward I flee the darkness.

My conscience unravels the closer I get to the light. The genius of the light is often found within the middle-mind of the insane. They know.

Emptiness is forbidden inside the soul, only the brilliance of love and light are allowed to reside in there. The brilliance finds my being and slowly fills the void that attempts to take hold. I am attentive and grateful as it filters in.

While the sun dips below the horizon I catch reflected images of love and light.
In the distance a single thought lingers waiting to be plucked from the mystery of twilight.

Hope is dancing eagerly in my heart as I sense the comradery of the Great Spirit touching my soul. Beautiful images dance in my mind as I bow in reverence being in his presence. I am attracted to the brilliance of the thoughts conceived in the sanctity of His Holy throne. He accepts my thoughts as His thoughts because they are His thoughts. Our mind and spirit are One, fused together forever as Love and Light.

© 2021 Laurie S Novak

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