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"Reflection" - Ishita Bose

Feel, don't stare.


When I look into the mirror I see a reflection of myself,

Sadly, the mirror does not have the ability to reflect my soul,

But underneath this mortal body I can feel tingling,

That’s the sound of my soul changing.

I’m becoming the worst reflection of myself,

Letting down everyone around me,

It’s almost like my true identity has been sucked out of me,

And the person I once used to be has forever been pushed aside.

The circumstances are not to be blamed,

It is I, who should be held responsible,

Cause it’s me who indulged a little too much in petty victories,

And let time fly like a hummingbird.

But I’m no phoenix, and I’ll have to live with myself,

Repentance is the only emotion that curtails over me now,

A transformed mind cannot be reverted back,

For it was our choices that made us so.

But it’s never too late for realisation,

And it’s not impossible to escape the pang of guilt,

Remorse never made a person a strong,

Rather it made the soul susceptible to vulnerability.

Living with the flaws is part of who we are,

And it is to be remembered that only a bad cut distinguished a glossy stone from a diamond,

Maybe I’m no perfect diamond,

But it can’t be said that all perfect chattels made it’s way.

Ishita Bose

© 2020 Ishita Bose

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