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Redo Button

A redo button would be swell.

With a redo button I'd do well.

I'd have less junk,

And a lot more funk.

No one would doubt-

The boat I'd drive.

My crew would hear me call,

And to the hall they'd run.

No order would be lost,

No smile would be left for cost.

For I'd be the finest captain at sea.

Poem 2

No word yet,

Just too much to fret.

Sink back under the table,

And take a bite of Epson.

Perhaps they will finish soon-

Perhaps not.

Give not a cookie.

Give not confetti,

wait til the words are spoken,

or you will surely jinx us.

Give no word,

Pipe down be quiet,

Here they come,

Hold your breath,

Let their voices ring....

The bell it Rings,

Jump up, Be glad.

Throw out the salt,

Take a piece of cake.

All is good,

They have finally spoken-

Sweet words-

Which release those wretched chains.

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