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Red Hat


Blessings From God

This red hat is my favorite.

Wow this hat is hot!

It's full of fun and spark.

It makes me feel alive and excited.

It's the top of the line in my lot.

It brings extra joy to my heart.

Some of my others come pretty close.

This hat sure is an attention getter.

People seem to like it the most.

I see it always

spreads some smiles and nods.

It's so fabulous!

At most affairs people think I'm the host.

It's big, it's wide,

yet not too tall.

Wearing it,

I dare not sit up against a wall.

At gatherings I always make sure

my hats are a respectable size,

so those that may be sitting behind me

will not have an obstructed view,

of a pulpit or podium.

All eyes won't be on me,

but all eyes on the blessings

of the Lord you see.

Debbie T. Alsup

I Love Me

My red hat

has seen the president,

at a white house affair.

My red hat

has held the hands

of a patients who now

believe and care.

My red hat

has cheered on

many youths,

at a multitudinous

of sports games.

My red hat

has honored

college graduates

dignitaries, and others

who now know

why they came.

My red hat

has uplifted up

so many,

said goodbye

to only a few.

My red hat

I'll keep wearing


I love me.

My red hat

I'll keep wearing


I love you.

Debbie T. Alsup

Red Hat

I always loved to see you

in your hat

on early Sunday morn,

dressed to please the Lord and you.

Ever since I could remember and

when all the other kids were born,

you'd take us with you

to Sunday school, bible class,

prayer meetings, revivals...

We'd stay all day on Sunday's

eat dinner after church,

fellowship with the other members,

praise dancing,

singing, reading, rapping,

picnics, bar-b-ques, trips, parties,

running around outside,

telling jokes,

having fun,

all in the name of the Lord.

Boy, those were some of the best

times in my young life.

I'd always think to myself,

when I grow up,

just like my mother,

I'll wear a red hat too.

Debbie T. Alsup

Show It

Don't tell me to stop

wearing my red hats!

Don't tell me I appear

to be hiding from some facts.

Don't tell me to strip

myself bare.

Like all the addictions

you indulge in are nowhere.

Let the world see me clean.

I have nothing to hide.

I have no more than

the many tribulations

so many others stride.


I'm just beaming inside

and it must be shown.

I'll show it quietly,



in my red hat

to worlds unknown.

Debbie T. Alsup

Never Say Goodbye

Red is the color of love.

Red is the color of life.

Red is the color of freedom.

Red is the color of happiness.

Red is the color of joy.

Red is the crayola

you first give

to every little girl and boy.

Red is my kiss

that lingers long.

Red is the melody

of my never ending song.

Red is the balloon

you send to the sky.

Red is my hat

never to say goodbye.

Debbie T. Alsup

Red Hat Society

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