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Redemption Map


No doubt we all sin
Our heads spin
Of how much we unwind and overthink
To be on the brink
On the brink of collapse
And it is how it is
It will always be like this
Us not being able to fill the gaps
And then you feel trapped
But tell me now
What makes you wake up and be in this house?
There is a bigger force within you
Don't even know how to know that now
Truly it is what you feel when you turn yourself inside out

Find that force
Find that greatness
Believe in the sky, the stars, the ocean
Pray to the moon each night
Love your scars
Feel your body aches
Touch your dry skin
Change your mood
Drink that wine
Eat that cake
Take a break
And breathe
You are alive
You will thrive
Redemption will make you reflect
It will make you ponder
Bringing you closer to what truly matters
That you matter
Each of us matters
No matter the weather
We are together


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