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Redemption Forever

I've traveled beyond words into depths deeper than the mind... & yet I'm back to the hellous hell people call Life, especially Reality...

Redemption Forever

Redemption, a once-travelled road, a path of indispensable thorns, remains stern

An encore that was not expected, or rather not completely accepted or discerned

Sent a painful reminder down the spine, without causing any sympathetic burn

Bringing back not just bygone remembrance, but creating deeper cuts to learn

Brine and sweet don’t mingle without the existence of a sweet everything state

A state neither discussed nor implied, though a reality for the ones with that fate

Old tales do not tell more than the mind can comprehend beyond the heart rate

Consequently, that inexplicable truth and the roads thus far travelled concatenate

Hearts on fire, Questions to Redemption, Reveries, and infinite thoughts of ‘If only’

Not to mention the countless rise and fall, rejoicing and lamenting and the homily

All in conjunction, not in harmony of course, almost always concluded negatively

The only reaction was a sigh of familiar pain, a soundless grunt screaming silently

The road to redemption, the path to invariable pain and hopeful recovery narrows

Cities gone past, natural pastures dried out, the journey is beyond the furrows

The constant change of pensive psychology caused unadulterated misty shadows

These are the only oasis for foregone hopes to settle down with mental meadows

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